Sell Groot Or Rocket

Sell Groot Or Rocket

Sell Groot Or Rocket. If you prefer action and/or want to gain extra experience to obtain ability points, choose rocket. Sell rocket choice and reward:

Sell Groot Or Rocket
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Lady hellbender will eventually agree on 12,000, but if players didn't support drax they will receive less for groot. Sell rocket choice and reward: Depending on who you choose, chapter 4 plays.

However, If You Let Drax Negotiate With Lady Hellbender, You Can Earn Up To Negotiation 12,000 Credits For Groot.

Depending on who you choose, chapter 4 plays. It is almost unbearable for rocket to lose groot to her, instead, he. Now that you know what.

If You Prefer Action And/Or Want To Gain Extra Experience To Obtain Ability Points, Choose Rocket.

We're here to help you decide who you sell and we walk you through what will happen depending on who you choose. Sell groot choice and reward: Since you got lady hellbender’s attention, it’s time to get the most out of her, and you may want to let drax do the talking.

Selling Groot Will Lead To A Stealth Section, Where Players Will Need To Rescue The Loveable Character Without Waking Up Any Enemies Following A Party.

To do this, you have to let drax lead and have faith in his ability. As the last of his kind, groot is an enticing sell for the monster collector, and if you let drax deal with the negotiations, you can actually gain closer to 12,000 units. If you prefer stealth and/or want.

This Stealth Sequence Will Lead You To A Throne Room Where You Will Need To Solve An Electrical Puzzle Before You Can Liberate Groot.

If you pick groot, you will have to complete a stealth section to get him back. Sell rocket choice and reward: Groot voluntarily comes forward to be handed over to lady hellbender.

Lady Hellbender Will Eventually Agree On 12,000, But If Players Didn't Support Drax They Will Receive Less For Groot.

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