Genshin Impact Map Leaked

Genshin Impact Map Leaked

Genshin Impact Map Leaked. 2 days ago · according to numerous leaks, genshin impact 's act 4 will apparently take place in fontaine which means that players will most likely have the option to explore the new region in version 4.0 which. Go to the special event page to participate.

Genshin Impact Map Leaked
Genshin Impact Full Map Leak All you need to know Touch, Tap, Play from

Genshin impact 3.0 leaks have revealed that a significant amount of the map has been sectioned off for expansions in the new update. So far, many credible sources have offered. And with that, we are getting some major leaks related to the […]

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 · there is a good amount of discussion to unpack based on the new genshin impact 3.0 leaks. Genshin impact 3.0 update, featuring the new region sumeru, is currently in its closed beta testing. The second leaked image shows the map with some chinese letters.

Over The Last Couple Of Months, The Community Has Been.

Genshin impact brings new map extensions. As noted in the leak, we’re still some time off the release of the sumeru release in the game. Genshin impact has introduced a pattern of adding one major region per year with the islands of inazuma being the most recent addition.

A Genshin Impact Leak Reveals The Map Of The Upcoming Sumeru Region Which Is Expected To Arrive With Genshin Impact Version 3.0.

A new genshin impact leak reveals a more accurate map of the new sumeru region which is scheduled to arrive in genshin impact version 3.0. Leaked video showcases the game’s new region, boating system explained the new region will be fully explorable and will have players make use of the new boating system, which will have them. And with that, we are getting some major leaks related to the […]

Genshin Impact Has Introduced A Pattern Of.

Genshin impact has a special event button in the paimon menu that will take you to the event page. As if this map leak wasn’t enough, sagiri has also uploaded a number of other images to her twitter account showing bits of sumeru’s landscape. You can also play the a journey through pages special.

Leaked Genshin World Map Confirmed By Inazuma A Few Months After Genshin Impact’s Initial Release, Fans Started Passing Around An Image Of What Was An Allegedly Leaked World Map.

The leaks reveal a huge portion of the. The english translations provide an early look into sumeru. Genshin impact 3.0 includes huge map expansion, dendro, and more.

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