Elden Ring Latenna Quest

Elden Ring Latenna Quest

Elden Ring Latenna Quest. Here, you will find latenna. Encountering latenna in the slumbering wolf shack is just one such mysterious moment.

Elden Ring Latenna Quest
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This page is an overview of all the quests in elden ring. Is it too much to hope that i can just summon her with the spirit ash i still have without going to initiate the quest? Iammagicman 2 months ago #1.

Latenna Has One Goal, Which Is To Head Towards The Haligtree, Though Her Quest Doesn’t Actually End There.

My plans are beyond your comprehension. It only takes a few minutes to run through that cave and spam through. To reach latenna, you will have to reach lakeside crystal cave, which is east of the village of the albinaurics as shown in the picture below.

Nevertheless, In Order To Proceed With The Quest, You Must Find The First Medallion.

She will die if you get both pieces of the medallion (haligtree secret medallion (left)) before talking to her. Shoot the mask to hear more. This page is an overview of all the quests in elden ring.

2 Days Ago · Side Quests In Elden Ring Are Numerous Optional Progression Options And Questlines That Can Be Triggered By An Event Or Npc.

Head up further into the village from the site of lost grace, but instead of going across the bridge to the left, continue straight on past the perfumer into a little alcove with a pot nearby a few graves. To reach the shack location you have to go through a dungeon called the lakeside crystal cave. Unlike most npcs, she’ll actually accompany you as a summonable spirit ash.

Once Here, You Need To Hit The Large Pot With Your Sword.

Latenna’s quest depends on a separate npc, albus, who can be located in the village of the albinaurics. You can find him in liurnia of the lakes, in village of the albinuarics to be exact. Iammagicman 2 months ago #1.

She Gave You Half Of A Medallion.

The dungeon entrance is in the cliffside accessible by the lake before the path leading up. Albus, an albinauric has it. During your conversation with albus, he will tell you how the cursemongers have destroyed his village.

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