Amnesia Rebirth Pillar Puzzle

Amnesia Rebirth Pillar Puzzle

Amnesia Rebirth Pillar Puzzle. July 19, 2021 admin guides 0. Find the orb now you need to look for a yellow orb item.

Amnesia Rebirth The Portal Chamber's pillar puzzle
Amnesia Rebirth The Portal Chamber's pillar puzzle from

To start the portal you should go to the middle of the puzzle room. Once you enter the area, your first step is to go into the room straight ahead and pick up the glowing pyramid looking device off the floor. Jake green 1 year ago amnesia rebirth laboratory walkthrough:

Head Into The Next Room And Pick Up The Light Extender.

Amnesia rebirth's second main puzzle involves shifting a water tank so that it can be used to cross a large gap in the cistern. Carry this second pyramid all the way back into the statue room and place it in the doorway to the left, then double back and pick up the first pyramid again. To solve this puzzle you will have to form a complete shape using the three pillars at the back of the room.

Now Approach The Right Pillar.

This is how you will check your shape. You have to approach the middle pillar. Carry it a few steps back into the center room to light up the door on the left side of the room, allowing you to activate the button and go inside.

How To Solve The Laboratory Puzzle And Escape

To do this, focus on the symbols. Your goal here is to figure out how to get the portal working. This will open the doorway leading back to the room with the bloody pool.

The Symbol Shown In The Picture Above Should Appear On The Pillar.

Rebirth have a much larger teleporter than the one found in the alchemy lab, and it too has a puzzle to solve. July 19, 2021 admin guides 0. If you position it correctly the light will turn the crystal green and the door will open.

This Is The Note Which You Would Find Before You Enter This Part Of The Map.

You need to align some symbols on the panel with the ones on the pillars by using the right, center, and bottom knob. Wade through the muck and check out the panel with a couple of levers. Here is an easy guide for pillar mechanism puzzle.

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